First encounter

Men are solitary soldiers

defending their castle

– of Souls and Spirits –

Not you, cordially invited–


A sparse and desolated– Island–

distanced from Chaos

removed from Troubles

Difficult to access, not you


Intruders, we dare not be

rather, Mind explorers

my World- and Yours- collide

our paths overlapped in Time


Indeed, a great narrow palace

Spacious, safely secured

‘tis a pristine yet winding bight

untainted, difficult, Naïve


Opposites– Complementary,

Yet a Fortress cannot

construct on sand, for Sea

washes Everything– away


an Isolated Island cannot

stand Haters, Wars and Fights

peacefulness is Destroyed–

serenity can’t be Disturbed–


only with Enforced distance, we’re Free

We must withstand the Space–

of You – and – Me–

From afar– hints of white delight


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